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Industrial Safety

Safety Mats

Industrial Safety Mats

Larco Industrial Safety Mat System offers unparalleled durability and versatility for your machine safeguarding needs. Impact resilient, abrasion resistant, and totally submersible, Larco industrial mats set the industry standard for reliability and durability in the harshest industrial environments.

  • Impact Resilient: Heavy-duty electrode assembly and durable outer shell provide extraordinary impact resilience and withstand heavy loads of as much as 3,000 psi.
  • Highly Sensitive: Larco safety mats have a high sensitivity threshold, requiring only 5-10 lbs. for activation in normal foot traffic.
  • Totally Submersible: Larco safety mats are not laminated and will not separate. Hermetically molded in a thick, seamless proprietary vinyl, they are impervious to fluids and suitable for even the harshest industrial environments.
  • Applicable Standards: Designed to Meet or Exceed:
    - ANSI B11.19 Machine Tool Standard

    - OSHA 1910.212 General Machine Guarding
    - ANSI/RIA 15.06 Industrial Robots and Robots System-Safety Requirements
    - EN 1760-1 Safety of Machinery, Pressure Sensitive Protective Devices

Custom Graphics

Creative solutions to promote your safety message

Larco offers a graphical way to show off your informational message using colorful, heavy-duty 12” x 12” Mat Graphic Inserts. Choose one of our predesigned inserts or send us your logo or custom artwork and we will integrate your message into your Larco safety mats. These vibrant Mat Graphic Inserts will start the conversation about your safety message or brand.

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SureStep Mats

Larco SureStep Mats are designed for unique applications that require additional traction beyond that provided by the standard ribbed mat.

Larco offers an aggressive non-skid surface, reducing the risk of slipping on surfaces covered with grease and oil.

Comfort Step Mats

Made from the same high-quality materials as the Larco standard presence-sensing safety mat, the Comfort Step mat is designed for areas where workers are stationary and/or have frequent or constant foot traffic. The Comfort Step provides the safety features of the Larco standard mat, including water-resistance and total submersibility.

Edge Styles

Select from our Active Threshold, Lock Lip, Square and Angled offerings.


Larco Quick Connect Tab/Cord System

A fast and easy way to connect multiple Larco safety mats without having to deal with wire bundles in your control box.

Through a series of spade terminals and jumper wires, the Larco Quick Connect System provides on the floor connections between mats, eliminating the need for junction boxes. NOTE: This method should not be used in areas where fluids are present.

Larco Labor Saver Self-Adhesive Mat System 

Used in mounting situations where trim is just not practical, this system can be used to secure mats. This mat option includes a specially formulated adhesive, which is factory applied directly to a mat or trim surface to hold mats and trim in place without screws or other metal fasteners.

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