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Door Access Controls

Automatic Door Mats

Most dependable safety
MATS out there.

Larco presence-sensing mats offer positive control and a well-defined sensing area. Larco mats are a reliable and durable choice for automatic door safety and activation. Regardless if it’s a small child or an adult, any person will be detected by the mat. Larco door accessories allow anyone who is disabled or handicapped easy access to your building. In addition, new technology has enabled Larco mats to function longer and accept higher loads.

  • Outer shell is molded to a heavy duty internal electrode which remains watertight, even if punctured
  • Durable construction makes Larco mats impervious to rain, sleet, snow, and ice
  • The Larco mat’s heavy-duty electrode ensures years of reliability
  • Larco automatic door mats help you meet ANSI A156.10

Aluminum Mat Trim

Designed to withstand even the harshest environments, including heavy traffic, Larco mat trims offer a durable and reliable way to install any automatic door mat.

  • Durable construction designed to take punishment from moving equipment, carts, and other high-traffic objects
  • Attractive finish with several options to choose from
  • Available in stock lengths or in customized packages designed to accommodate specific mat sizes and installations

Guide Rails

Larco manufactures a wide variety of guide rails in both standard and heavy duty varieties with many colors, panels, and materials to choose from.

Larco guide rails provide added protection and stability to your automatic door installation, combining durability and aesthetically pleasing features. Required for ANSI compliance for most swing or folding doors. Guide rails prevent accidents and direct traffic flow through the door. They also provide a point of stability for pedestrians entering and exiting and are added support when handicap access is needed.

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All In One Package.

The activation and safety packages, which are designed to accommodate sliding doors, folding doors, and swing doors, include everything necessary for a safe, reliable installation. Presence-sensing mats, trims, thresholds, and guide rails are designed to comply with ANSI/BHMA A156.10 standards. Larco door activation and safety packages come complete with all necessary mounting hardware and installation instructions, which makes ordering a snap.

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