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Door Access Controls


As a leader in access technologies, Larco delivers state-of-the-art solutions for any type of building you can imagine, from secure commercial facilities to retail stores. We’ll work with you to spec and install the technology that delivers for you.

Push Plate Switches

There are push plate switches, and then there are Larco Push Plate Switches. We set the industry standard for durability, which is critical considering the abuse a push plate switch takes every day. Ours are made to withstand the most extreme conditions, including millions of uses at temperatures ranging from -40° to 140° F. Choose from hardwire or radio controlled switches, in a variety of plate sizes and shapes, with a smudge-hiding brushed finish made from stainless steel or CuVerro® copper. Custom engraving options are also available.

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Automatic Door Mats

We’ll make sure your front door makes a great first and last impression. Larco Automated Door Mats are designed for high traffic areas and can withstand loads up to 3,000 psi. They’re ISO 9000 certified to be reliable for years of operation. Choose from a full spectrum of colors and sizes, with custom logo capabilities.

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Guide Rails

Choose from a wide range of stainless steel and aluminum guide rails for added safety and appearance to your automatic door applications.